My projects (OLD)


Projects in public health


Dates: Mai 2013 – ongoing
Position: Webmaster
Location: Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: Bilingual website project to present the current state of research and practices on Health Literacy. This project is currently still under planning.


Project management

Public Administration Graduate Student Conferences

Date: September 2012 – May 2014 (ongoing)
Position: Co-Chair with Maria Belen (2013) and Caroline Agnew (2014)
Location: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: The PAGSC is a conference showcasing research projects from students in the public administration program at the University of Ottawa. Students, faculty members, visiting scholars, consultants and government representatives interact on the various panels presented. 2014 Theme: “Improving public sector’s knowledge capacity: emerging research themes in public administration“. 2013 Theme: “Contemporary Challenges in a Mutating Public Administration“.
Website: (2014) (2013)

Latin Claudel

Dates: September 2008 – August 2014
Position: Webmaster
Location: Lycée (Paul) Claudel, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: Website project with a Virtual Campus and several other pedagogical and marketing features for students and parents. Commissioned by the Department of Classical Latin at Lycée Claudel (Ottawa, Canada).
Website: (new website) (old website: 2008-2013)

United Way – University of Ottawa

Date: September 2009 – January 2010
Position: Project co-Manager with Samuel Ileka-Priouzeau
Location: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: Our project was taking place during the 2009 Fundraiser Campaign of United Way. It included the organization of fund-raising events in the University of Ottawa’s community (professors and students) and the development of project management instruments for United Way – University of Ottawa Office.

Latin-malin !

Date: August 2002 – April 2006
Position: Producer & project manager
Location: Lycée Claudel, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: Latin-malin ! was a software (CD-ROM) offering academic basics to learn classical Latin as well as a brief overview of the ancient heritage in modern society. The second volume, Latin-malin ! v2, added a section on biology and several new courses in latin grammar and vocabulary. All profits made through sales were used to help finance a school trip to Italy (2003) and Sicily (2006). They are registered at the National Library of Canada under the AMICUS number: 27929405 (Latin-malin !) and 30047349 (Latin-malin ! v2).

These two software are now available online for free: Latin-malin ! (warning, it’s an EXE file: an alert from your antivirus may appear when downloading it) and Latin-malin ! v2.

Strategic evaluations

Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences

Date: May 2013
Position: Senior Editor
Location: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: This strategic report was commissioned by the IJHS Editorial Board. It aimed to formalize the overall editing and review process, to assess the journal’s mission, mandate and objectives, and to explore development opportunities to turn this student initiative into a sustainable and efficient organization.
Website: (the journal’s website) (the strategic report)

Serving Others – University of Ottawa

Dates: September – December 2010
Position: External Strategic Analyst
Location: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Description: As a course project, we were selected to prepare an external evaluation of a new department named “Serving Others” (“Au service du monde” in French). This new initiative of the University of Ottawa aims to bring together students and community services through a platform presenting employment and volunteering opportunities. It is part of the university’s Vision 2020 development project.
Website: This report was not made public