Hello, I’m Gatien

As a health economist actively on the field, I work to advance efficient and equitable access to healthcare.

I care about what people face as patient or as caregiver, and how they ultimately manage illness.

On the side, I make project management a breeze for academics and students with lessons-learned on hiring research assistants, and a simple Excel-based tool.

My work focuses on cost-of-illness and economic evaluation, but I also looked at waiting times in public healthcare, social capital and drug addiction, and health literacy and cognitive access to care.

Canadian, French, currently based in Baltimore.
Ongoing work in Uganda.

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Modus Operandi
Easy, simple project management for academics
Non Solum Data
A blog where a field health economist and an education economist meet & discuss


Past projects & achievements

I managed the Interdisciplinary Journal of Health Sciences, an open access academic journal on the determinants of health.



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